Daniel Beaulieu

President and CEO

Daniel Beaulieu is a Chartered Financial Planner with a master’s degree in Law. He comes from a family that has worked in the optical industry for over 50 years, he himself having worked in the optical industry for more than 30 years. With co-founders Jean-Nicholas Boisvert and Lucie Dufour and his team, he has grown Entrepôt de la Lunette, Optical Vision Group’s first optical retail banner, at an exemplary rate recognized for its success within the market. Today, as President of Optical Vision Group, Mr. Beaulieu supervises and sees to the continued growth of all six banners across Canada: Entrepôt de la Lunette and Optical Warehouse, Griffé Lunetier, Optique Avant-Garde, Hudson’s Bay Optical, and GlassesGallery.ca. Passion and innovation are important values to Mr. Beaulieu which he works to introduce and maintain in each of his companies.

Karine Jourdain Yelle

General Manager – Entrepôt de la Lunette and Vice President Operations – Province of Quebec

With a degree in transformational coaching, Karine Jourdain-Yelle’s strong suit lies in operational development, organisational structure, and the coordination of professional services. Throughout her 20 years of experience in the optical industry, she has managed a team of more than 100 optometrists and supervised twenty optometric clinics across Québec. As General Manager and Vice President Operations at Entrepôt de la Lunette, Ms. Jourdain-Yelle oversees operational activities within the group while managing various teams to encourage continuous improvement. With a specialty in operational standards, Karine ensures that all banners across Canada adhere to the same level of professionalism expected throughout the Optical Vision Group.

Roberto Iazzolino

Vice President Operations – English Markets

Roberto Iazzolino has a degree in optical engineering with a master’s degree in ophthalmics, optics and optometry. He is specialized in children’s contact lenses, orthokeratology and low vision. Mr. Iazzolino is regarded as a foremost expert in lens technology and works as a professor at the Florence Optometry College SIO-O International School of Optics and as an optometrist at the Italian School of Low Vision (SII). As Vice President Operations for English Markets (Canadian provinces outside Quebec), he ensures that decisions made with all international partners are implemented smoothly and to world optical standards. His role includes coordinating with Supervisors and District Managers to implement new strategies within the entire network of stores, as well as focusing on market development and the implementation of tele-optometry services.