Daniel Beaulieu

President and CEO

Daniel Beaulieu is a Chartered Financial Planner with a master’s degree in Law. He comes from a family that has worked in the optical industry for over 50 years, he himself having worked in the optical industry for more than 30 years.  With co-founders Jean-Nicholas Boisvert and Lucie Dufour and his team, he has grown Entrepôt de la Lunette, Optical Vision Group’s first optical retail banner, at an exemplary rate and is recognized for its success within the market. Today, as President of Optical Vision Group, Mr. Beaulieu supervises and sees to the continued growth of all four banners across Canada: Entrepôt de la Lunette and Optical Warehouse, Griffé Lunetier, and Optique Avant-Garde. Passion and innovation are important values to Mr. Beaulieu which he works to introduce and maintain in each of his companies.

Pierre Charenton

Executive Vice President

With a European Master’s degree in Communications, Administration and Marketing and more than 25 years of experience in the optical industry, Pierre has been involved in sales and marketing in Europe for many years. Also a graduate in Data Science from IBM, Pierre is a visionary who is passionate about technology and innovation.
As Executive Vice President, he oversees all operations for the various banners while leading a multidisciplinary team towards positive outcomes.

Jenny Tzelardonis

Marketing Director and Business Development Project Manager

With a diploma in Communications and Marketing, Jenny is a seasoned Project Manager with extensive experience in the optical industry and managing large-scale projects. With more than 18 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Product Management, Jenny combines her technical expertise with creative insight to lead Optical Vision Group’s marketing initiatives and business development projects. Her comprehensive understanding of the Canadian optical market coupled with her strategic thinking make her a valuable asset to our team.

Isabelle Tessier

CPA, MBA , Vice President of Finance

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA), Isabelle presently serves as the Vice President of Finance at Optical Vision Group, occupying a pivotal role in the company’s financial management. With over 20 years of proficiency in management, finance, and accounting, Isabelle brings forth a wealth of experience and a strategic outlook to her position.

Luc Bouthillier

Commercial Manager

With a degree in Accounting Science, Luc has acquired a strong academic background in the fields of accounting and finance. With 25 years of professional experience, he has developed remarkable expertise in business management and market development. Throughout his career, he gained experience in various sectors and held pivotal roles overseeing financial operations, conducting performance analysis, strategic planning.