Better Vision Through Technology

In an effort to carve out a position as an industry leader and to continue to improve the customer experience, Optical Vision Group makes use of innovative and exclusive technology within its stores.

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror can serve as a measuring tool used by opticians to quickly take all the necessary measurements that are required for the production of prescription lenses, including the pupil distance (PD), the SEG height for progressive lenses, as well as the ideal corridor length – which can also help the optician recommend the most suitable lens for the patient.

Smart Mirror can also be used during the frame selection process. The customer can take pictures wearing several different frames. Once done, they can wear their glasses once again to be able to review the pictures and have a clear view of what they look like with each pair. It is also possible for the customer to compare pictures side by side which can further help with the frame selection process.

Additionally, Smart Mirror allows opticians to show customers a demonstration featuring realistic results for each of the available lens options. Customers can better understand the differences and advantages and select the right product to best suit their needs.

Smart Look

Selecting the right frame can be difficult. Smart Look allows customers to use iPad stations set up in store from which they can access the entire frame catalogue available and use the Virtual Try-On app to try on frames.

Customers can also use Smart Look to find frames in a favourite style, material, or collection. Our stylists are there to help guide customers with their choice, while Smart Look allows customers to easily look at additional frames they can try on.

Virtual-Try On

The Virtual Try-On app is developed in collaboration with the world leader ACEP Technologies using TryLive. It allows customers to try on different frames directly from the website. The shopping experience begins at home with browsing happening at the customer’s convenience and users can safely try on as many frames as they like!

Reserving Frames and Booking an Appointment Online

Customers can reserve frames online, and then schedule an appointment with a stylist to try-on the selected products. The reservation process allows stores to acquire any missing frames for the customer, thus ensuring availability for the desired products.

Additionally, customers can book different types of appointments online, in an effort to facilitate the booking process and improve the customer experience. Appointments reduce wait times and ensure that customers get the attention they require during their visit.


In Quebec, Optical Vision Group is working in exclusive collaboration with the world-renown Visionix (formerly Luneau Technologies and Optovue) to offer tele-optometry services within the province. Thanks to this collaboration, advanced equipment from Luneau Technologies allows our optometrists to offer eye exams both on site and remotely.

Patients can expect the same level of professionalism during eye exams that are performed remotely, as they do from on-site eye exams. The optometrist is present in real time during the session via video-conferencing, and an on-site assistant performs the pre-test, forwards all results to the optometrist, and accompanies the patient during the eye exam to be the link between the optometrist and the patient.